Edward Norton

This was my first date during Bingo season, but third date with the graphic designer who sounds like and resembles Edward Norton. Maybe it’s because the date was scheduled for 2pm on a Sunday, which is usually reserved for naps…or maybe because I’m preoccupied with work (sad)…or maybe because there was no alcohol (even sadder), but the date was meh.

We went to the Spy Museum. I used an amazing Italian accent throughout the date to fit my cover as Anjelena Falcone, an Italian business woman. And together we jointly failed 5 of our 6 missions and caused the end of civilization at least three of those times.

So I’m disappointed in him and in myself that it was meh because, for a date found online, he’s a good one. He’s a gentleman, he’s cute, he makes me laugh, and on dates 1 and 2 he proved to be a good kisser. But he’s lacking that dash of assertiveness that gives you something to hold on to and get excited about. He follows the leader in actions and conversation, which makes it feel like work to keep the date and convo fun and interesting. And instead, at moments, we were just accompanying each other rather than enjoying each other. Which will probably be exactly what I want when I’m 60 and still dating, but right now I’d rather have the enjoyment. So I’m left feeling indifferent about seeing him again.

To top it off…no Bingo boxes!

On the bright side, I bought the following two books for my brother at the Spy Store: “A History of Farts” and “The Future of Farts.”



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